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Student-Generated Questions
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  • Upper elementary and above

  • Assess/develop/activate prior knowledge

  • Motivation

  • Set purpose for reading

  • Link new information to prior knowledge

  • Questioning

  1. Direct students' attention to a picture or illustration from the reading selection.

  2. Ask what they would like to know about the picture.

  3. Guide students to ask questions that focus on the details in the picture or the overall message of the picture.

  4. Write the questions on the board or on a chart.

  5. Ask what else they want to know about the story or selection and record those questions.

  6. After reading the selection, read the questions they asked and discuss the answers.

  7. If a question is still not answered, students research the topic.

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Advancing the Strategy
  • Students are guided to asking questions about the text by reading aloud or signing the first paragraph or two from a selection.

  • Ask students questions such as: "What would you like to know about __________?"

    • (This may be the main character or a topic.)

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