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NP1 + V be + Adjective/size
(The dog is big.)
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This grammatical pattern includes the main noun phrase ( NP1) and a descriptor or adjective that describes NP1, linked through the use of the ‘be’ verb ( e.g. is ).  This lesson uses adjectives of size. When students have established the NP1 + V + Adjective/ color, introducing the adjectives of size may be a smooth transition. As new adjectives are introduced, check students’ understanding of the intended meaning (e.g. grateful, thoughtless, kind)


Teacher actions are highlighted

  • Review the adjective and nouns that will appear in this step.

  • Show two pictures/objects, a big dog, and the other of a little dog. 

    • Discuss the pictures/objects using the adjectives big and little.

    • Tell the students that you will write an English sentence about the picture.

    • Write: The dog is big.

    • Students say/sign the sentence with you.

  • Show the second picture and write the sentence on the board: The dog is little.

    • Students say/sign the picture with you.

  • Follow the same steps using different pictures of objects of different sizes )e.g. shoes, clothes, chairs, eating utensils)

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Advancing the Strategy

Teacher actions are highlighted in yellow

  • Show two pictures or objects, e.g. a big house and a little house.

    • Students say/sign a sentence about the picture. Provide clues to construct the sentence successfully.

    • Have students write the sentence or select sentence-phrase strips….The house/ is/ big.

    • Use additional sets of pictures or objects …a big tree/a little tree; a big chair/a little chair.

  • Show two pictures or objects…a big book/a little book.

    • Show  the first object.

      • Students write a sentence or build a sentence.

      • When finished, students check their sentences with the model sentences on the board and make any necessary corrections.

  • Repeat with more pairs of pictures/objects.

  • Give each student three sets of pictures/objects depicting big and little.

  • Students write sentences under each picture/object.

  • Include the new structure in language experience stories.

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