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NP + V be + Adjective
(The sky is blue.)
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This grammatical pattern includes the main noun phrase (NP1) and a descriptor or adjective that elaborates or describes  NP1, linked through the use of the ‘be’ verb (e.g. is).  This unit uses adjectives of color as an early introduction to the pattern.


Teacher Actions are highlighted in gold

  • Show a picture of a black cat.

    • Ask: What is this?

  •  Write 'cat' on the board.

    • Ask: What color is the cat? Response: black

    • Write 'black' on the board.

    • Say/fingerspell/ sign: a black cat with the students

    • Show that there is an English sentence they can use. The cat is black.

    • Write the English sentence,'The cat is black.'

    • Show that the verb 'is' connects 'black' to 'cat'. Students say/sign/fingerspell the sentence with you.

  • Show a picture of a brown horse.

    • Ask: What is this? Response: a brown horse, write the phrase on the board.

    • Write the English sentence that tells about the picture. 

      • Write The horse is brown.

    • Show that the verb 'is' connects 'brown' to 'horse'. Students say/sign the sentence with you.

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Advancing the Strategy
  • Provide students with additional pictures. Students write English sentences, using the targeted structure, under each picture.

  • Provides sentence strips to paste under pictures as an alternative.

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