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(List, Inquire, Note, and Know)
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LINK is a metacognitive strategy that reinforces and integrates language structures, word knowledge, and semantics. This strategy is appropriate for students with a good language base ( SLASH- Level 8).

LINK: List, Inquire, Note, and Know

The strategy uses and develops:

  • Prior knowledge

  • Inferencing skills

  • Questioning skills

  • Writing skills

  • Summarizing information skills

  1. Select a key word that is critical to the comprehension of the text the students will be reading.

  2. Write the key word on the board, draw a box around it, and have the students say/sign/fingerspell it.

  3. Allow a few minutes for the students to List what they know about the word or associations they have for the key word.

  4. Established ground rules for discussion so that students learn to be respectful of others and sensitive to their feelings.

  5. Students read one idea they have written and record it on the board/tablet.

    • Add to the list on the board.

    • This  is a "brainstorming" step. No judgements of the students' contributions at this time.

  6. Students Inquire about the items on the board.

  7. Students share their understandings of the key word or concept

    • Use clarification, elaboration, examples, definitions, or challenge some of the items.

    • Comments and questions are addressed to students ( not the teacher) who offered the item.

  8. When students have finished the inquiry step, cover the information on the board.

  9. Each student Notes what they now Know about the key word.

    • Use information from prior knowledge and from class discussion.

    • Share "notes".

  10. Students participate in the "during reading" or other content area instruction.

  11. Students return to their notes and write any new information about the key concept they learned during the instruction.

  12. New information is shared with classmates.

  13. Summarize by writing sentences explaining the meaning of the key word.

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