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(Directed Reading-Thinking Activity)
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  • Students of all ages

  • Narrative texts

  • Activate prior knowledge

  • Preview

  • Predict

  • Set purpose for reading

  • Monitor comprehension

  • Question

  • Writing

  • Divide the reading material into 2-3 page segments appropriate for the students' reading level.

  • Students preview the material by looking at pictures, other graphic aids, reading titles and headings.

  • Students predict the content of the segment.

  • Display students' predictions on the board or chart.

  • Students read the segment and stop at the point designated by the teacher.

  • Discuss whether predictions were confirmed.

    • Ask the students to support their ideas and explain their reasoning using the information in the text and their prior knowledge.

  • Repeat steps for each segment of the story.

  • Discuss the story in relation to other stories, their personal experiences, and the author's purpose.

  • Discuss the strategies used to understand the story.

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