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Verb Phrases conjoined with and
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Check for student’s concept and functional use of the conjunction ‘and’ prior to introducing conjoined sentences. Conjunctions are words that can be use to connect nouns, verbs, clauses, or sentences or to coordinate words in the same clause (e.g. and, but, if ).


Teacher actions are highlighted

  • Have a chart prepared with pairs of sentences, for example:

    • The dog ran across the yard.

    • The dog jumped the fence.

    • The girl sat at the table.

    • The girl ate lunch.

    • The boy hit the ball.

    • The boy ran to first base.

    • The cat climbed up the tree.

    • The cat could not get down.

  • Ask: How can we combine the sentence pairs into one longer sentence?

    • Show: The dog ran across the yard and the dog jumped the fence.

    • Tell the students that because the phrase is repeated, it can be deleted.

    • Write the new sentence: The dog ran across the yard and jumped the fence.

    • Students read the sentence and explain why the second phrase (the dog) is deleted.

    • Ask: What ran across the yard? What jumped the fence?

      • Emphasize that even though the subject (the dog) is not next to the verb (jumped), the phrase jumped the fence tells what the dog did.

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Advancing the Strategy

  • Present the second pair of sentences.

  • The girl sat at the table. The girl ate lunch.

  • Students read the sentences and tell how to combine them to make a longer sentence.

  • Students may respond: 'The girl sat at the table and the girl ate lunch.'

  • Write the response on the board.

  • Underline the subject of each clause: The girl…and the girl…. Reinforce that we don’t need to repeat the phrase; we can delete it.

  • Write the new sentence on the board:' The girl sat at the table and ate lunch.'

  • Ask: Who sat at the table? Who ate lunch?

Continue with the same steps for the rest of the sentence pairs.

  • Zola jumped up in the morning.

  • Zola saw the bright yellow sun.

  • Grandpa bought some bird seed.

  • Grandpa gave the seed to the birds

  • Grandma bought a new car.

  • Grandma drove the new car home.

  • Mom put a lunch in a paper bag.

  • Mom gave the bag to Ahmed.

Students conjoin the sentences using and.

Write their responses on the board.

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