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NP1 + V + NP3 + NP2
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Use procedures listed in NP1 + V + NP2 + prepositional phrase (indirect object). This pattern changes the prepositional phrase to a NP, changing the sequence of the phrases. Tell the students that sometimes the patterns are changed to make the sentences or stories more interesting.

  • Write the sentence 'I gave a book to David.' on the board.

    • Tell the students that there is a different way to write the sentence.

  • Under the first sentence:

    • Write: I gave David a book. Discuss the differences in the sentences.

  • Tell the students that both sentences are correct. Using different forms makes reading and writing more interesting.

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Advancing the Strategy
  • Prepare 3 to 6 additional  sentences.

    • Draw a line through the first structure

    • Ask the students to give a sentence using the new form. For example:

      • Draw a line through the response 'Ruben gave a pencil to Francesca.'

      • Elicit the response 'Ruben gave Francesca a pencil.'

  • Put several sentences on strips of paper, each telling a student something to do, e.g. Give a book to Mei-Li.

  • Students select a sentence, read it and does what the sentence says.

    • Write the new  sentence structure on the board e.g. Give Mei-Li a book.

  • Use the new structure in Language Experience stories.

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